For its size Windsor is probably the most well known small town in England. The main reason is the Castle; the largest
inhabited one in the country and the weekend residence of the Queen. However the Castle is not the only attraction – the River
Thames runs through the town, there are miles of open countryside in Windsor Great Park (plus deer herds, Polo, Saville and
Valley Gardens and the Virginia Water Lake). Eton College ( is just across the river
and the Legoland theme park is just outside the town.

The are a number of good sites that cover Windsor and the area around it but the best staring point is the
Official Windsor
Website. A very useful alternative is where there are lists of restaurants, the sights and alternative places
to stay.

Other useful local sites:

Windsor Castle:                                                                                     
French Brothers:      (boat trips on the River Thames)
Saville Gardens:       (also the Great Park, Valley Gardens and Virginia Water Lake)
Theatre Royal:          
Dorney Lake:              (for Rowing - and some lovely walks)
Windsor Leisure Centre:
Windsor Racecourse:
Ascot Races:           
Barbara's B & B, Windsor
You can see the Castle from the House (as long as you climb on the roof!)
Walking into Windsor

The quickest route into town is to turn left and walk straight down the main road. At some stage cross the road to the right hand
side and at the roundabout at the bottom of the road turn right. There is a footbridge across the road and just beyond a
pedestrian crossing. Take either of these and you will end up in the main shopping area (with many of the restaurants).
Continue uphill and you will end up at the castle entrance.
This will bring you on to the riverbank. In the map below the route turns right at the end of the small park. Turn left at the fountain,
walk along the  avenue and up the steps and the Castle will be in front of you.

For ETON and ETON COLLEGE carry on along the riverbank, past French's Boats trips and left across the bridge. The college is
about 600 metres along the High Street.